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Spro Talk Book 1: You Got the Right Stuff Baby!

Chapter 1: Which Spro Is For Me? If you’re a first time consumer, or a long time consumer, knowing your “Spro” (espresso that is) is a big part of the journey of achieving excellence with home based brewing.


Interview with Retail Director, Holly Perry

I think a lot of people know that we’re a family business, that we’re family owned and operated, but I think they don’t always know the scale of how involved we are, just because we’re so passionate and we love what we do.


A Day in the Life: Getting to Know Klatch

Klatch Coffee is both a bustling, almost 30-year national brand and a local, family-owned business. Klatch’s TikTok and Youtube channels are worth the follow.


Roast Dates: Brewing Basics with Heather

Roast dates are one of the most confusing things when it comes to coffee, because there’s not one clear answer—here are general guidelines to make sure you’re buying the best roast date for your home brewing needs.


We Play to Win: Klatch Competitions with Heather Perry

If you know anything about Klatch, you know that we play to win. We’ve got the awards to show it. But it’s not just about winning for us: the pursuit of great coffee, and how we’ve celebrated as a family, is the ultimate reward.


Brewing Basics: Processing Methods

The coffee cherry is made up of layers, and each processing method leaves on all, some, or none of the layers outside of the coffee bean or seed.


Introducing our Summer Seasonal Menu

Summer is here, and we’ve got the perfect mix of iced drinks for all of your poolside, sun-kissed days. Far from Klatch Coffee? Keep reading for at-home tutorials so you can enjoy our favorites from the comfort of your lounge chair.


How does altitude impact the flavor of coffee?

Coffees grown at a higher altitude (or elevation) means lower temperatures, which gives the coffee cherry an extended maturation process. The more time it has to develop, the more nuanced its flavors are.

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