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Brewing Basics: Processing Methods

The coffee cherry is made up of layers, and each processing method leaves on all, some, or none of the layers outside of the coffee bean or seed.


Introducing our Summer Seasonal Menu

Summer is here, and we’ve got the perfect mix of iced drinks for all of your poolside, sun-kissed days. Far from Klatch Coffee? Keep reading for at-home tutorials so you can enjoy our favorites from the comfort of your lounge chair.


How does altitude impact the flavor of coffee?

Coffees grown at a higher altitude (or elevation) means lower temperatures, which gives the coffee cherry an extended maturation process. The more time it has to develop, the more nuanced its flavors are.


Brewing Basics: Coffee Bloom

If you’ve ever made a pour over or watched a brewing tutorial, you’ve seen how bubbles form around the coffee grounds. You’ve seen 30-45 seconds designated for the “bloom” or “steep”. But what is a coffee bloom?


Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide! Make sure he has his favorite Klatch. We have 3 subscription options, one-on-one training, Klatch merch + we’ve partnered with our friends at Targus for an exclusive special tech gift offer.


3 Reasons to Buy a Gooseneck Kettle

With specialty coffee, there are few things as iconic as the gooseneck kettle. Not only is it beautiful aesthetically, but the gooseneck kettle’s unique shape was specifically designed for an even extraction when making pour over coffee.


How do you choose a coffee filter?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between filters and how to choose a pour over coffee filter?


All about: French Press

French press is the easiest way to make a great cup. You don’t need filters, you don’t need a kettle, you don’t need to stare over it—you just need a press, boiling water, coffee, and a scale if you want to get fancy.

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