3 Reasons to Buy a Gooseneck Kettle

When it comes to specialty coffee, there are few things as iconic as the gooseneck kettle. Not only is it beautiful aesthetically, but the gooseneck kettle’s unique shape was also specifically designed for an even extraction when making pour over coffee. Unlike a tea kettle, the long, goose-neck like spout gives you precise control over the brewing process.

Control and Consistency

For us at Klatch, coffee is both an art and a science. After all, our CFO Mike used his background in chemical engineering to perfect our signature “peak of flavor method” that’s earned us a spot on the world coffee stage for almost three decades.

And in applying that scientific method, control and consistency are incredibly important. If you just poured a tea kettle full of water over your Chemex at the beginning of the pour, your coffee wouldn’t have time to evenly extract. Slow and steady is key, which is why a gooseneck kettle comes in handy.

Even Extraction

Part of ensuring an even extraction is what’s called the “coffee bloom”, or wetting the coffee grounds at the beginning of the pour. This allows the grounds to expand or “bloom”, which brings out the unique flavors of each coffee. You’ll need to wet the whole coffee bed to allow the water to seep through the grounds evenly, in a circular motion. Without this level of control, it’s tough to avoid over or under extraction.

Check out our Troubleshooting Your Coffee Brew with Roastmaster Mike if your coffee is tasting bitter or sour.

Better Tasting Coffee

There are few things in life you can control—but better tasting coffee isn’t one of them. Once you figure out which coffee to buy, your coffee brewing method, the right grind size, and the best water temperature, you’ll want to focus on the pour itself. When you’re in control over when and where the grounds become saturated, you’ll get consistent, even extraction, which means better tasting coffee.

Trying to decide which gooseneck kettle to buy?

If you watch our Brew Guide videos or how to brew Youtube videos, you’ve likely seen the Brewista Artisan Electric Gooseneck Kettle featured. It’s what we use most often at Klatch, and what we recommend most often.

With to-the-degree temperature control, a keep warm setting, and a sleek design available in 7 different colors, there’s a reason the Brewista is beloved by baristas everywhere and trusted in competitions worldwide.

If you’re looking for a sleek and more budget-friendly, starter kettle, we recommend the V60 “Bueno” Drip Kettle, with .7L capacity. With its recognizable design and iconic shape, it’s a great option.

Any gooseneck kettle you choose will elevate your coffee experience, giving you precision, even extraction, and better tasting coffee. Enjoy!

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