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Dark or Light Roast

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The age old debate: Which roast is best?

Dark roast is the best. No, light roast is the best.
Should we meet in the middle and say the best is a medium roast?

Describing coffee roast levels is standard…

The color of the roasted beans vary from light to medium to dark.

When roasting, as the coffee beans absorb heat, their color becomes darker and the flavor profile changes.

Roast level preferences however,
are up to you. Let’s take a look at your options.

Medium-Light Roast

Higher Acidity, Bright Notes, Mellow Body

Medium/light roasts complement the coffee beans’ natural flavors and aromas. For a high quality specialty bean, you’re going to find a lighter roast showcases the natural flavors nicely.

This is your typical breakfast type coffee, like our Breakfast Blend or our Rwanda Kamina Washed.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!
Shop the best medium-light roast coffees.

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Medium Roast

Smooth, Round, Caramelized Flavor

Still preserving the coffee’s natural aromas and flavors, a sweet caramel sweetness will replace the brightness and acidity of the lighter roast. Can also be referred to as City or American roast.

An example of this would be our Hawaii Rusty's Ka'u or our Brazil Klatch Diamond Reserve.

Sound like your cup of tea? (Or coffee rather!)

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Medium-Dark Roast

Roasty, Rich and Smooth

Providing a deeper and darker flavor.
Perfect for a balanced espresso.

This would be like our Organic Espresso or Belle Espresso.

Perfectly balanced blend of flavors sound perfect for you?

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Dark Roast

Rich Flavor, Less Acidity, Heavier Body

Pulling out more chocolate or nutty flavor notes. You’re looking at more of a French type flavor. Often called Full City or Vienna as well.

An example of this would be our French Roast or our Blue Thunder.

Sounds like what you’ve been dreaming of?

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Roasted To Order:
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