Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost Father’s Day. Have you found a gift yet? Our Roastmaster, Greenbuyer, and CFO Mike is currently in Spain attending palate training courses. Ever the adventurer, he shares,

“Took a walk for coffee this morning, hoping to visit my friend from Bulgaria at his Madrid cafe. But he and every other coffee shop was still closed. So I made Kenya in my room with a Cafflano combo hand grinder and a pour over brewer. Delicious.”

Kenya is Mike’s favorite coffee. With a sweet and balanced body and flavor notes of lemon citrus, green tomato, and apricot and peach, Kenya Karindundu AB is Mike’s choice of the year. This is what he brews at 6 AM every morning, whether he’s spending his day at the roastery or with the grandkids (or both!).

Whether your dad is traveling or enjoying coffee at home, make sure he has his favorite Klatch. We have three subscription options, each curated by a member of the Perry family. Our single origin Klatch coffee subscription is curated by roastmaster Mike.

Get Dad a Curated Klatch Coffee Subscription

With a Klatch Coffee gift subscription, Dad will enjoy a different coffee each month, free shipping, and early access to new coffees and special promotions.

With Mike’s Choice, he’ll get to taste the best coffees from around the world. Mike Perry sources only the top single origin coffees—tasting hundreds of coffees each month to find you the very best. Derived from the same region, crop, or producer, single origins are known for their distinct natural flavors.

What Dad will get each month:

A different single origin coffee. Great brewed using a pour over method or on a brewer. Dad can even track brewing recipes, flavor notes, coffee seasons, and favorite origins with a notebook.

We also have a Blend Subscription (Retail Director Holly’s Choice) and an Espresso Subscription (Barista Champion Heather’s Choice) if your dad is looking for the ease and consistency of a blend or an award-winning espresso to try on his home espresso machine.

Get Dad the Roastery Experience

Is your dad learning about home roasting, cupping, or even thinking about opening up a coffee shop? Check out our interview with Roastmaster Mike on choosing unroasted (green) beans and our cupping conversations on our Youtube channel.

If that’s right up your dad’s alley, why not gift dad the experience of learning from one of the best with one-on-one training with Roastmaster Mike?

What’s more satisfying than a cup of hand-poured, freshly ground coffee, dialed in to perfection? How about coffee you’ve not only crafted, but roasted?

Imagine the opportunity to learn the art of the roast from the best. Now’s your chance.

We learn by doing. Join Roastmaster Mike at the roastery, focusing on both the scientific process and the art of the roast. You’ll learn:

  • The journey of the coffee seed: how varietal, terroir, & processing method impact taste
  • How to source the best beans, like a chef in search of the finest ingredients
  • How to experiment, document, and duplicate results
  • How to cup/taste the results of each roastery batch, like crafting your wine palette

Additionally, we offer an espresso class, a latte art class, and a home brewing class. There’s something for everyone (and every dad!) here at Klatch.

Looking for Klatch merch or a Tech Gift?

If you’re looking for Klatch merch for your dad, we have several Klatch mugs to choose from. Check out our unique angle mug, our signature cafe mug, and our angle espresso cup.

If you need more inspiration, we’ve partnered with our friends at Targus for an exclusive special offer.

Pictured: Targus wireless phone charger

Famous for laptop bags since 1983, Targus offers a number of ways to carry, connect, or protect your tech. Whether you’re looking for a laptop bag, tablet case, or docking stations for dad’s small business, Targus has tech solutions for everyone. Our friends at Targus are offering 15% off your online purchase with code KLATCH15, now through 6/19/2022 11:59 PST. Shop now

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