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Feel the Summer Breeze with Our Latest Seasonal Blend.

Klatch Coffee Summer Breeze Blend

As the weather heats up all across California, our team at Klatch Coffee is working hard to keep things cool here at the roastery. Reminiscing of white sand beaches, iced coffees in a glass can to sip on, and a cool ocean breeze, inspiration struck easily for our latest seasonal coffee: the Summer Breeze.

With so many specialty coffee roasters and shops all across the state, creating a unique new coffee is much more than ensuring it tastes “good.” Instead, Klatch’s latest blend is a specially crafted experience, capable of transporting the drinker to the cool and comfortable summer destination of their deepest desires. A sip can help refresh and awaken your senses with a kick of caffeine, and bring about a new burst of energy just from the bright and fruity taste.

When brewed with a Chemex, V60, or our favorite April Brewer, the Summer Breeze brings out wonderful flavor notes of agave, lemonade, and strawberry. As the temperature rises, a sip of this blend as it cools down is like splashing your face with cold water after standing in the hot summer sun. When enjoyed hot, this coffee tastes like a hot Arnold Palmer - a harmonious blend of lemon and a subtly sweet black tea. Iced, fruitier notes start to make an appearance, and your hot cup of lemon black tea is transformed into something reminiscent of a strawberry lemonade.

Easily brewed and enjoyed, our recommended brewing device is an April Brewer, which helps bring out a clean and detailed taste from the beans. We recommend a 13:1 ratio, a total brew time of roughly three minutes and twenty seconds, water at 200°F, and 28g of coffee ground medium coarsely, matching the sandy beaches of your dreams.

Enjoy the sweet summer breeze from the comfort of your home with our new seasonal blend!


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