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A Day in the Life: Getting to Know Klatch

Klatch Coffee is both a bustling, almost 30-year national brand and a local, family-owned business. Whether you’re looking for a behind-the-scenes of Klatch farming partners like Las Mercedes, all about those latte art videos, or want to be the first to know about new coffee releases, Klatch’s TikTok klatchcoffee and Youtube channels are worth the follow.

Sometimes the day-to-day is what you’d expect—pulling shots of our WBC World’s Best Espresso, hosting a leadership training with the team, and launching our summer seasonal menu, but sometimes it’s unexpected! What sets Klatch Coffee apart in innovation? What hiccups are part of small-business life?

Heather and Holly don’t follow the trends, they make their own

Heather and Holly hear the buzz of barista trends, but they’re always ahead of the curve, adding their own unique twist.

espresso and orange juice drink trend klatch coffee

Have you tried the espresso and orange juice drink trend? On Klatch’s TheKlatchSisters TikTok, Heather shares, “I don’t think it’s going to be good, I don’t trust it,” and shares hers and Holly’s favorite orange and espresso-based drink, the Klatch Creamcicano.

Klatch Coffee's Holly Tries Trendy Drink "Iced Aero Americano"

On Klatch Coffee’s Youtube Channel, Holly tries the recently popular “Iced Aero Americano,” which steams the espresso and water to give it more of a Nitro Cold Brew quality.

She shares, “It adds a little bit more of an airy, lighter body, and flavor-wise, it’s a good Iced Americano,” and says that it’s a fun drink for home brewers with an espresso machine to try, but ultimately recommends Nitro Cold Brew. Check out the process!

It’s All About the Art of the Roast, The Peak of Flavor

The Art of the Roast, The Peak of Flavor, Klatch Coffee

Here at Klatch, we’re known for our peak of flavor coffee—Roastmaster Mike and the Klatch team spend hours and hours getting each new coffee *just right*.

Sometimes Being a Small-Business Owner isn’t Glamorous

Klatch Coffee Heather DIY Project Repair

Not only is Heather Klach’s CEO and a US Barista Champion, when it comes to anything that breaks in our cafes and repairing sinks, Heather often steps in to problem solve. Sometimes A Day in the Life is running from store to store in search of plumber’s tape!

Coffee is Never Finished

Today’s Rosetta Klatch Coffee Latte Art

For us, coffee is never finished. We’re always upping our rosettas, our pour overs, making every cup of coffee even better than the last.

The Coffee World is Always Changing

Klatch Coffee Prepping for the Specialty Coffee Expo Show

After an almost three year hiatus, the Specialty Coffee Association Expo is back! Heather travels to the expo and shares some of hers and the team’s day-to-day.

Work and Family Time Often Intertwine

Making tropical fruit flavored beverages with the kiddos Klatch Coffee Family owned

While founders Mike and Cindy are out of town, Heather and Holly take over some of their responsibilities in addition to their own. Heather brought her kiddos to Klatch and Holly got to spend time with her niece and nephews! Each of them get to craft their own drinks from the Summer Menu and enjoy time with their favorite aunt.

Check out More Behind-the-Scenes

For more behind-the-scenes with Heather and Holly and the rest of the Klatch Team, check out klatchcoffee on TikTok and KlatchCoffee on YouTube.

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