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Klatch's New Pearl Reserve Line is a Gem

Klatch Coffee prides ourselves on providing unique, high quality coffees from regions all around the world. With the recent third place win at the U.S. Brewer’s Cup with our Colombia Las Flores Chiroso, we wanted to keep the momentum going, and introduce our new limited edition selection - the Pearl Reserve line. A pearl by definition is a thing of great rarity and worth, and this new collection is just that, offering carefully selected and roasted high-quality coffee with sophistication and flavor like no other.

Starting August 14th, a new and unique coffee will be released each week. Coffees from regions such as Colombia, El Salvador, and Panama will be featured in this collection, along with a vast array of coffee varietals and processes. From classic natural processed coffees to experimental cold fermented coffees, and with a mixture of Geishas, Green Tip Geishas, Orange Geishas, and more, the selection we’re offering in the Pearl Reserve line is sure to bedazzle you with every sip of each coffee.

With such an exciting collection, it was only right that we came dressed to impress, too. Pairing our highest-end coffees with a brand new packaging, the Pearl Reserve is the epitome of a luxury coffee experience. Styled in an iridescent design reminiscent of a pearl, the packaging reflects how we feel about each coffee within those bags, and is our way of honoring these beans and the dedicated farmers who work tirelessly to grow, harvest, and process each coffee. This collection is everything you’d imagine when looking at the exterior of the package - extraordinary, outstanding, and beyond compare.

The Pearl Reserve is not just coffee; it's an experience, a story, and an exploration of the finest flavors the world has to offer. Here at Klatch Coffee, where coffee is always the conversation, we’re always striving to continuously improve and bring new experiences. And, we’re proud to present these coffees in our latest collection, because we’re sure the Pearl Reserve line will add an extra bit of sparkle to your day.


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