Press Release: Organic Morning Glory

by Emily L. March 2, 2022

8767 Onyx Ave.,
Rancho Cucamonga, Calif. 91761

March 02, 2022

What do you love about your morning brew? Southern California-based Klatch Coffee is known for their award-winning blends, introducing the aptly named Organic Morning Glory to their newest offerings.

Expertly Crafted

Expertly crafted from three excellent single origins, Morning Glory is a medium roast blend of Organic Mexico, Organic Guatemala, and Organic Ethiopia. With lively and bright flavors of tropical starfruit, plum, and sweet sugarcane, this is a coffee we look forward to waking up to.

Symphony of Flavors

Blends are a symphony of flavors, and as Klatch’s CEO and 2X US Barista Champion Heather Perry shares, blends are the most well-rounded, the most complex, bringing out the best flavors of each single origin.

There’s a reason why so many coffee roasters will come out with a Christmas or Anniversary blend: there’s an art to it. Coffee blends are crafted to produce complex and unique flavor profiles that combine features from multiple beans and origins. Delicious, complex, and approachable—for Klatch, this is why blends often win out when choosing which coffees to work with when entering a competition. A symphony of flavors, beloved by all.

Organic Morning Glory Blend is now available both at Klatch’s Southern California coffeehouses and for home delivery.

About Klatch Coffee
Internationally renowned coffee roaster and retailer Klatch Coffee was founded in Rancho Cucamonga, California in 1993 by Mike Perry, a former chemical engineer known for his “Peak of Flavor” roasting method, blending science with a passion for great coffee. The almost 30 year old company, led by his daughter, Heather Perry, has earned numerous awards and widespread industry recognition.In

September 2018, Klatch Coffee became the first and only specialty roaster to win the Golden Bean Award for its espresso four years in a row. The roastery is widely known for supplying the world’s most renowned coffees, previously acquiring the Elida Geisha 803, Elida Geisha 97+, and the Elida Geisha 1029, which all earned awards in Best of Panama’s competitions.

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