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Spro Talk Book 1: You Got the Right Stuff Baby!

by Chris: Chino Hills Manager

Chapter 1: Which Spro Is For Me?

If you’re a first time consumer, or a long time consumer, knowing your “Spro” (espresso that is) is a big part of the journey of achieving excellence with home based brewing.

There’s a few things to consider:

1. What kind of beverages are you making at home?

  • If you’re after pure coffee beverages (single espressos, americanos, tonics), then your job of picking the right 'spro for you is both the most playful and complicated. The amount of options available to you in this scenario are seemingly endless, because every spro, whether single origin or blend has something different to offer. The only way you choose a bad option is if you don't have a clear answer to question 3.

  • Blends are always a good safe bet; most are a make up of a few single origins that together create a target flavor profile. Single Origins, on the other hand, are the wild cards, because the coffee gets to tell its own story of how it was grown, rather than how it was chosen post growth. It’s the most honest version of experiencing that espresso, and can either be incredible or acceptable; but always informative.

2. Are you drinking for pleasure, caffeine, or hybrid? (there are no wrong answers)

  • If you’re drinking for pleasure, I recommend a medium-dark or dark roast espresso. It affords you the ability to take in more iterations of the experience without over-caffeinating (yes it’s possible). Moreover, you can make it your playground: hot or iced, shaken or stirred, short or long, coffee forward or sugar heavy!

  • The antithesis would be a medium to medium-light espresso, (notice how I didn't say any version of just light or “blonde”). The benefit: you can drink less cups with a quicker path to the caffeine vibrating through your very being. The tough part is, lighter roast espressos can often lend themselves to a higher acidity and can be harder to balance in extraction (stay tuned for Book 2). Don't be fearful though, in the words of a wise songstress, “It’s all about the climb”.

3. What do you not like about coffee? (probably the most important question to know the answer to)

  • Imagine walking into a department store, like Nordstrom, and the employee that first encounters you says, “Tell me everything you want to avoid today”. Then, like magic, everything on your “not today satan '' list disappears, and all you’re left with are options that are perfectly suited for you to like or love. Now, take that same premise, go to your local shop, and find an attentive human that works there. Tell them about the things you’re avoiding, and say yes to the first thing that grabs your attention on the yes list. Maybe even say two yes-es.

  • This is how you find the coffee that suits you. Remember, when it comes to coffee, as the consumer, establishing what is good is 100% up to you. Don't be swayed by someone else’s opinions or taste, be governed by your own desire, because it’s your dollars being spent on it.

Coming Up in Chapter 2: Are You Ready for It?!!

What equipment do I have? What equipment do I need? Do I sell to the first buyer?

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