Introducing our Summer Seasonal Menu

+Make your Favorite Drinks from Home

Happy Summer Solstice! Summer is here, and we’ve got the perfect mix of iced drinks for all of your poolside, sun-kissed days. Far from Klatch Coffee? Keep reading for at-home tutorials so you can enjoy our favorites from the comfort of your lounge chair.

Watermelon Cascara Fresca

Fresh watermelon puree, cascara from Costa Rica, and a squeeze of lime makes this the perfect summer accompaniment! (Especially with a splash of vodka)

Wondering what cascara is? It’s essentially a tea-like drink made from the skin of a coffee cherry. Brewing cascara tea from home? Check out our brew guide.

Want to learn how to make our Watermelon Cascara Fresca from home? Check out our tutorial video below. In prep, you’ll need:

2 oz tonic water

4 oz cascara concentrate

4 oz watermelon juice

⅙ lime wedge

pinch of Tajin

Watermelon Cascara Fresca Recipe


Ethiopia Yirg Z cold brewed and nitrogenated, poured on top of peach puree, and topped with a squeeze of lime. This is a drink every man and lady can enjoy

Want to learn how to make our Everyman from home? Check out our tutorial video below. In prep, you’ll need:

½ lime

2 pumps simple syrup

1 oz peach nectar

6 oz of seasonal nitro (pick some up from your local Klatch or your favorite local coffeehouse)

The Everyman Recipe

Cooling Coconut Lime

Fresh squeezed lime and our housemade coconut come together with fresh espresso, transporting you to your own tropical paradise

Want to learn how to make this from home? We’ve got our very own CEO Heather sharing how to make our Cooling Coconut Lime Summer Cocktail!

Summer is upon us: It’s perfect for these hot, sunny days.

First things first, since this is a layered drink, you’ll want to find a beautiful glass to present your drink in. We’re brewing with Klatch Cometeer for this one.

Check out our tutorial video below. In prep, you’ll also need:

½ oz simple syrup

1 oz canned coconut milk

Crazy Goat Klatch Cometeer Capsule

Lime wedge (spritz + garnish on top)

Cooling Coconut Lime Recipe

Pineapple Express

Introducing: A new favorite trio featuring pineapple, mint, and lime, complemented with tonic and espresso for the perfect high. IYKYK

Check out Holly’s behind-the-scenes on how the Pineapple Express was created on TikTok: @theklatchsisters

Available now at a Klatch Coffee near you.

Far from LA? Check out the rest of our VLOG Summer Recipes and craft your own!

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