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Variety: At Klatch, There’s Something For Everyone

Talk to anyone who loves coffee and you’ll hear different answers about what they enjoy most about their cup of joe.

One person might prefer a strong, bold cup of coffee, another might wax poetic about their newest favorite single origin coffee.

One person might be really excited about our new coffee release Panama Abu Anaerobic Natural Geisha, bursting with flavors of sweet pink lemonade, jolly rancher, and a cherry finish.

Geishas are back! Photo from ABU Coffee in Cañas Verdes, Boquete, Panama

Someone else might be waiting for our new Organic Mexico Chiapas Triunfo Verde Fairtrade, grown in the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve, one of the most diverse forest reserves in the world.

Photo from Triunfo Verde farm in Jaltenango, Chiapas, Mexico

Your mom might always go for our dark roast Blue Thunder Blend with rich, smoky and sweet tones or our medium roast Onyx Blend with notes of apricot, cedar, and mandarin orange.

Everyone is different, and that’s what we love and hope that you experience, whether you’re visiting your local Klatch Coffee or ordering our newest, freshly roasted beans from across the country.

Today, we’re highlighting some of our favorite coffees and helping you work through that internal checklist of considerations when deciding which coffees to buy.

Variety Sets us Apart

At any given time, we at Klatch Coffee have roughly 30 different coffees available, making variety just one of the things that sets us apart from our competitors.

Our founder and roastmaster, Mike Perry, sources only the top coffees—tasting hundreds of coffees from around the world each month to find you the very best. We often ask ourselves, why offer just this one coffee from La Unión, Nariño, Colombia, when there are two unique, high-scoring coffees available?

If you’re looking for flavor notes of stone fruit apricot, sweet creamy caramel, and lavender, check out our Colombia La Unión Nariño AA.

If you’re searching for an aroma of citrus with flavor notes of lime, graham cracker, and nectarine, check out our Organic Colombia Nariño Ecoterra.

Both are washed process and medium roast, but they are each different flavor experiences!

You’ll find us at the roastery, cupping coffees and discovering how flavor profiles complement our favorite fruits or setting up a competition between two of our favorites.

What’s your daily coffee routine? Who are you buying for?

We all have our coffee routine, whether we’re rushing out the door with single-serve coffee or enjoying one of those rare, slow pour over mornings. When it comes to buying coffee, we often have an internal checklist:

A high-scoring Sumatra Matu Batak for my sister’s birthday and the Mindblower Ethiopia for me? Check.

This Breakfast Blend sounds perfect for early mornings, I better add WBC World’s Best Espresso for an afternoon pick-me-up and a Decaf Colombia Palo Rosa Sugarcane for chilly fall evenings.

Should I buy a 310g bag or size up with 2 lb or 5 lb of beans? My family will drink this so quickly! I better go for the larger size.

I can’t decide between single origins El Salvador Las Mercedes Pacamara Washed with notes of blood orange, caramel, and meringue and Rwanda Kamina Washed with notes of herbal tea, honey, and nectarine—maybe I should get both and change up my pour over coffee routine.

Everyone’s checklist is different, but what unites us is fresh, award-winning, quality coffee—the Klatch Coffee standard.

Take our Find Your Beans Quiz

Are you someone that wants to keep it simple? If so many coffee options is overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start, take our Find Your Beans quiz. You’ll find questions like ideal roast level and which flavor notes you look for, so you can narrow it down to your new favorite!

Want Great Coffee, On Repeat?

Another way to keep it simple with your coffee routine is to subscribe to one of our 3 coffee subscriptions, each curated by a member of the Perry family. Whether you’re looking for blends, single origins, or espresso, you’ll receive a different coffee every month, free shipping, exclusive offers, and early access to new coffees.

Best of all, Klatch Coffee delivered to your doorstep!


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