Ways To Celebrate National Pet Day

Did you know that April 10th is National Hug Your Dog Day and April 11th is National Pet Day?

Wondering how to celebrate?
We’ve got some ideas.

Patio Hangs with your pup

We’re partial on this one. Show your dog some love with a trip to Klatch—a latte for you, a puppuccino for your pup. If you’re far from Klatch, check out dog friendly patios on Bring Fido.

Is quality time with your pup part of your Klatch routine?
Check us out on Bring Fido and share your photos, drop us a review.

Show some love

CEO Heather with her kiddos and their dog, Ace.

Is quality time with your pup part of your Klatch routine? Check us out on Bring Fido and share your photos, drop us a review.
Our furry friends are a huge part of our lives. Whether your dog loves belly rubs, a nap together, or extra hugs—set aside some quality time in whatever way is meaningful for your furry companion.

Visit Your Favorite Dog Park or Find a Dog Friendly Trail

Weather permitting, your dog will thank you when you spend a little extra time playing catch, going for a hike, and the opportunity to make new dog friends. If you’re on the road, Go Pet Friendly is a great way to find dog parks along the way.

Co-founder Cindy with her dog, Cali.

Donate Supplies or Volunteer at Your Local Animal Shelter

Your pup means the world to you—why not share the love?

If you’ve got an extra bag of dog food in your garage or a toy that wasn’t a good fit for your furry friend, pass it along.

National Pet Day was founded by Colleen Paige as a day to highlight the unconditional love pets bring to our lives and to encourage support and adoption. Pet Finder is a great resource for getting connected to your local shelter.

Cat lovers, we didn’t forget about you

Whether you have both dogs and cats, a hamster, or a pet snake, National Pet Day is for everyone. Whether you’re showing your pet(s) some love with extra treats or making sure that window shade is up for your cat to enjoy the sun, it’s a day to honor how much your animal(s) mean to you. Our friends at National Pet Day and Animal Planet know what’s up. Roughly ⅔ of households in the U.S. have a pet!

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How do you show your pets love?
Let us know how you’re celebrating on Twitter and Instagram at @klatchcoffee and don’t forget the tag #nationalpetday

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