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What is Cascara?

BREWING GUIDE: Cascara Tea - Steep Instructions

WATER 12 oz


The Toddy brewer is also ideal for making tea - served hot or over ice.

Cascara Tea can also be made with a French Press, a Chemex or any other brewing device you have. Pour water over the cascara, stir and let it steep for 4 minute. Stir again and sit for 4 more minutes. Use a strainer when pouring. Enjoy.

Cascara is the Spanish word for the husk or skin or peel of a fruit. Cascara is the outermost layer of the coffee cherry. Cascara has become a popular drink—our signature Watermelon Cascara Fresca uses cascara, a great source of antioxidants. Check out our how to brew on our VLOG.


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