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Should I Buy My Coffee Beans Whole or Ground?

The question we’ve all wondered at some point. Should I buy my coffee beans whole or ground? And what’s the difference? Well we’re here to tell you.

There are pros and cons to both grinding your own beans and buying them ground, it just depends on your priorities.

Grinding your own coffee beans brings out a whole new level of flavors as opposed to having it pre-ground. Grinding your beans fresh means having fresh coffee every time you make a cup. You’ll even have the ability to experiment with different brewing methods and choose your grind size. Buying whole beans is definitely the way to go if you have time.

With that being said however, some of us don’t have the time. Although getting your coffee pre-ground, there are still ways to ensure freshness. Instead of getting stale coffee that’s been sitting on a grocery store shelf, opt for a bag of fresh beans from your local coffee shop and just ask them to grind them for the machine you use. Make sure to store the coffee in a dry place and you should be good to go!

Whether you’re purchasing Klatch beans whole or ground, we know you’re going to love them!


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