Iced Single Serve Coffee

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    The best ice Coffee starts with concentrate
    Let's learn how to make concentrate with Klatch Single Serve

    How to make concentrate?

    For one serving

    • 1 Klatch Single Serve pack
    • a 10 oz mug
    • filtered water


    • for larger batches, you would want to repeat the same steps using multiple cups. you can store them in the fridge for later.
    • want to avoid diluting your beverage with ice? freeze your concentrate into ice cube trays.


    • HEAT filtered water to 205 degrees (Fahrenheit) or just below boiling
    • PLACE a Klatch Single Serve bag at the bottom of a standard 10 oz mug
    • POUR hot water over the Klatch Single Serve bag until the mug is half full
    • DIP AND DUNK the Klatch Single Serve bag 20 to 30 times over 1 minute
    • LEAVE the Klatch Single Serve bag in, and let it steep for 5 to 7 minutes (or more, to taste)
    • REMOVE the Klatch Single Serve bag. Your concentrate is now ready to use.

    How to make iced coffee?

    For one serving

    • 1 serving of concentrate (See above)
    • a tall glass
    • ice
    • optional: sugar, creamer (or dairy substitute)


    • FILL the glass to the top with ice
    • POUR the Klatch Single Serve into the glass - slowly
    • Add any (optional) add-ins to taste, enjoy!

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