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Women In Coffee

In celebration of Women’s History Month and the remarkable women who've shaped Klatch Coffee's journey, we're excited to introduce our exclusive blend, "Mujeres De Café." Sourced from El Salvador's Las Mercedes farm and overseen by our esteemed direct trade partner Lucia Ortiz, this blend harmonizes the distinct flavors of Honey Processed: Yellow Icatu and Pacamara varietals, meticulously crafted with expertise and care. Passionately crafted, our Mujeres coffee boasts flavors of tropical papaya, pink lady apple, and cinnamon spice, delivering a delightful experience in every sip. * Monday Roasts

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Join us in honoring Women's History Month, celebrating exceptional coffee, supporting a vital cause, and making a difference, one cup at a time, by partnering with Klatch Coffee today. As a token of our commitment to women's health and empowerment, throughout March, 20% of every bag of "Mujeres De Café" sold will be donated to Grounds For Health.


Lucia, a cherished direct trade partner and friend of Klatch Coffee’s Perry family, is the head producer of Finca Las Mercedes. Not only has she contributed to our exceptional coffee blend, but Lucia has also made significant strides in improving her community by helping provide clean drinking water, education, and healthcare. Through Dispensario Los Ortiz, a healthcare initiative in Las Mercedes, Cerro El Tigre, El Salvador, Lucia's family has been serving their community since 1979.

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