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New Coffee Alert: Meet Our 9 New Favorites

What’s better than the excitement of opening up a new bag of coffee, the aroma of jasmine, lemongrass, and red apple transporting you from your kitchen to Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia? Well, for us at Klatch, it’s two new bags of beans.

At any given time, we have more than 30 award-winning, high quality coffees to choose from, which sets us apart from our competitors. Here at Klatch, there’s something for everyone, and there’s always something new to try.

Vino Blend

Have you tried our new Vino yet? In honor of almost 30 years, we’re paying homage to our original cafe. With flavor notes of black cherry, plum, and baking spice, it tastes just like the wine. Available for a limited time.

Check out our latest Brewing and Conversation with Sam, QC & Jackie, Production Manager for some of the history behind our original cafe, Rancho Cucamonga, which used to be Thomas Vineyards winery, and the distinctive features of our Vino Blend. Our Vino Blend is a blend of an Ethiopia natural and a honey processed coffee from El Salvador, roasted together to a medium-light profile. As Jackie tells Sam, “It’s one of the best blends you’ve ever created, I believe you and [roastmaster] Mike really knocked it out of the park on this.”

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Organic Sumatra Ratu Keitiara Mandheling Gr1 Fair Trade

Our newest Sumatra is both Fair Trade and Organic, offering sweet, smooth, and robust flavors of sweet yellow bell pepper, herbal sage, and cacao nibs in a medium roast. It’s a perfect example of a unique bourbon varietal, and the aroma is reminiscent of the region: Aceh, a northern province of Sumatra, Indonesia. Our coffee producer partner is Ms. Rahmah, one of Indonesia’s most respected coffee entrepreneurs. Read more about her story and what makes this coffee unique in our digital notebook, featured below each coffee.

El Salvador Las Mercedes Pacamara Washed

Our Pacamara is a washed process with flavor notes of blood orange, sweet meringue, and creamy caramel. The Pacamara variety is a hybrid cross between the Pacas (from El Salvador and named after the Pacas Family) and the giant elephant bean varietal Maragogipe. Its larger than normal appearance is the reason farmers from Las Mercedes call it “The King Bean” of Central America. What drew Klatch Coffee to Las Mercedes was award-winning coffee, but what we fell in love with was the people, the process, and their passion to make coffee so great.

Check out our interview with our Finca Las Mercedes partner, Lucia Ortiz, part of our celebration of International Women’s Day.

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As Lucia shares, “I have a strong character, like [Klatch's CEO] Heather.” which has helped her as she’s faced obstacles and broken barriers as a woman in a male-dominated field. She has worked hard to empower the women on her team and ensure they feel supported.

Organic Guatemala Atitlan Chochajau

Our Organic Guatemala is a washed process, medium roast with a heavy body, with the sweetness of chocolate, toffee, and a stone fruit finish. This lot came from Cerro Lancandon Chocoajau farm. Chocoajau is a compound word formed by two references in the local Quiche language, referencing the steep mountains and cold blue water of the region. Read more here.

Ethiopia YirgZ Gr1 Washed

Our YirgZ is from the same importer that brings us our Natural Ardi; the “Z” stands for zero defects. With an immaculately clean and floral flavor profile and notes of jasmine, lemongrass, and sweet red apple, this washed process, light-medium roast from Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia is sure to delight and refresh. We pay our sorters 3x higher than the average wage, which workers say helps them support their communities and send their children to school, highlighting the importance of specialty coffee premiums and direct trade practices.

Brazil Santa Clara Natural Yellow Bourbon

With flavor notes of sweet, smooth chocolate, caramelized sugar, and persimmon, this medium roast, natural process Brazilian is the perfect example of a unique yellow bourbon varietal. The 220-acre Fazenda Santa Clara estate has been in the Basso family since the 1930s, where the family immigrated from Italy and first planted grapes. Along the way, the estate was converted to coffee cultivation. The estate is located near the city of Andradas in the protected Mantiqueira de Minas region, known for its rolling hills and uneven terrain.

Organic Mexico Oaxaca Mixteca Guadalupe

With flavor notes of milk chocolate, sweet caramel, and a hazelnut finish, our Organic Mexico Oaxaca is smooth and balanced medium roast washed process with a creamy sweetness. Coffee producers use their own micro-mill to process harvested cherries, which allows for meticulous care in depulping and fermenting, after the beans are fully washed and dried in the sun. Our farming partner, the Calguera Gomez company, aims to organize and support producers with access to the best agricultural practices, and consequently, pay higher prices for higher quality coffee production.

Kenya Karindundu AB

This is our CFO, roastmaster, and greenbuyer Mike’s favorite coffee. With flavor notes of lemon citrus, green tomato, and stone fruits of apricot and peach, our washed process, medium-light roast, Kenya Karindundu AB, is Mike’s choice of the year.

Our partner, Karindundu Factory, is part of Barichu Cooperative Society, which helps train farmers on the specific agricultural practices key to drawing out the unique flavors of each coffee varietal. Located in the southern part of the famous Mount Kenya, the co-op is made up of about 1,450 small scale farmers. The cherries are washed with fresh river water from Ragiti River and sundried on raised beds. The rich red-volcanic soil infuses the coffee cherries with all of the minerals and flavor needed for a balanced, flavorful cup.

Guatemala Sabentas Santa Rosa

Our Guatemala Sabentas Santa Rosa is known for its flavor notes of sweet caramel, creamy key lime, and poblano pepper, followed by some eucalyptus and fresh, woodsy cedar. Enjoy this medium roast, washed process coffee for its clean finish and buttery body. Finca Sabanetas is located in the South-Central region of Guatemala, and the Santa Rosa valley is renowned for its nutrient rich volcanic soils that create an ideal climate for growing a slower maturing coffee, which is said to concentrate the array of flavors.

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