Ask a barista: What are your go-to Klatch Coffee beans & favorite cafe drinks?

Pictured: Chino Hills baristas with Heather and Holly Perry, Mike and Cindy Perry enjoying family time at the Chino Hills location

Klatch Coffee Barista- Selena

“My go-to beans to buy are definitely the Panama Elida Natural Catuai because of the fruitiness of the coffee. I never thought I’d be able to drink coffee black until I tried these beans.”

“My go-to Klatch drink is an Iced Honey Bee with cinnamon with an extra shot. Who can resist more caffeine? [The extra shot also] helps balance the sweetness. If it’s made with Organic House Espresso, that’s just an added plus.”

Klatch Coffee Barista- Amiko

“My favorite beans have to be the Tanzania Zanzibar Peaberry, it was the first coffee I found berry notes in. It has always been a balanced cup that was naturally sweet and I recommend it to everyone.” Editor’s note: If you loved our Peaberry, we recommend our Ethiopia Uraga Guji Anaerobic Natural GR1, affectionately termed “mindblower” for its mind blowing berry flavors.

“My favorite drink has to be our chai with oat milk, the concentrate we make is the perfect amount of sweetness.”

Klatch Coffee Barista- Sara

“My favorite beans to buy are the Klatch Organic House Espresso beans.

It has my favorite notes: walnut, molasses, and toasted marshmallow. In my opinion, it’s always consistent with the same flavors.”

“My go-to drink is an Iced Sugar-Free Vanilla latte with Oatmilk & an orange peel.”

Klatch Coffee Barista- Ary

“My favorite Klatch Coffee beans to buy are our Organic Sumatra: Full-bodied with beautiful vegetal notes, and pairs perfectly with our Glorious Morning Muffin. I typically like milk in my coffee, but I enjoy this one as is.”

“My go-to Klatch Drink as of late has been a hot Oat Milk Latte or our Iced Lavender Latte with Oat Milk!”

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