Meet the team of Klatch SCA-accredited Instructors. Our Klatch Coffee Roastery & Training Lab is an SCA Certified Campus. We can certify trainers too!

  • Photo of Heather Perry

    Heather Perry

    Heather began her highly-decorated coffee career at Klatch Coffee. Taking the skills she learned working in the retail stores to Barista Competitions, she has won numerous titles, including "US Champion Barista."

  • Photo of Holly Perry

    Holly Perry

    Holly started her career in the industry sweeping beans behind the counter of Klatch Coffee when she was 5 years old. A true industry professional!

  • Photo of Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica Rodriguez

    After getting her start at Klatch Coffee, Jessica Rodriguez has spent nearly a decade working in the coffee industry as an educator, trainer and consultant. An Authorized SCA trainer.

  • Photo of Mike Perry

    Mike Perry

    Klatch Roastmaster, Mike Perry blended his background in chemical engineering with his love for great coffee to create Klatch’s signature “Peak of Flavor” roasting style. Take a 1-on-1 class with Mike to improve your roasting skills.