Coffee Club Subscriptions

Join our Espresso, Single Origin, or Blends Club and receive a new coffee every month, expertly curated by the team at Klatch Coffee.

Choose a frequency, size, and preferred grind. We'll ship our coffee of the month, automatically, and always with free shipping.

pulling espresso shots from a machine

Try a new espresso every month


Our Espresso Club Subscription is the best choice for espresso lovers! Every month, 2x US champion barista Heather Perry selects a new espresso for club subscribers.

We fresh roast and ship your whole bean espresso in the bag size and frequency you specify.

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Perfect for single origin lovers

Brewer's Choice Single Origin Club

Klatch Roastmaster Mike Perry discovers the finest Single Origin coffee and shares it with our Brewer's Choice Single Origin Club members every month.

Pick your favorite grind, bag size, and preferred frequency and we'll deliver new single origin coffees automatically.

roasting coffee

Enjoy coffee blends on a rotating basis

Roaster's Choice Blends club

Expertly curated by Klatch's Holly Perry. Roaster's Choice Blends Club members enjoy a new coffee blend every month.

Choose a grind, bag size, and frequency; we'll fresh roast and ship it automatically.


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    Choose our Espresso, Single Origin, or Blends Club.

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    Receive a shipment every 1, 2, 3, or 4 weeks, based on your needs.

  • ground coffee


    Choose the size that's right for you. Change sizes any time. We'll even grind to your preference.

  • the coffee roasting process


    Klatch fresh roasts and ships your coffee automatically. USA shipping on Club orders is always free!

  • Unboxing single origin coffee.


    Club members enjoy:

    • a New Coffee Every Month
    • Free Shipping on every club order
    • Early access to new coffees
    • Exclusive offers and special promotions
  • Paus subscription using your phone.


    No long-term commitments: just great coffee with no hassles.

    Already a club member?

Looking for a gift?

Klatch makes it easy to give the gift of coffee. Explore our gift coffee subscriptions and we'll send the recipient a new Espresso, Blend, or Single Origin coffee to enjoy every month.

Frequently Asked Questions about Club Subscriptions

What types of coffee is offered for Club subscriptions?

Klatch offers 3 different Club subscriptions:

  • Barista's Choice: Espresso
    expertly curated by award-winning barista, Heather Perry. Subscribers receive a new espresso each month.
  • Brewer's Choice: Single Origin
    ideal for fans of single origin coffees, with monthly selections by our Roastmaster, Mike Perry.
    Subscribers receive a new single origin coffee each month.
  • Roaster's Choice: Blends
    Holly Perry chooses a new blend for Club members every month.
    Subscribers receive a new coffee blend each month.

Can I choose a specific coffee for my Club subscription?

Club subscriptions will be a different selection each month, proudly selected by Mike Perry, Heather Perry and Holly Perry.

If you're interested in automatic delivery of a specific coffee, consider a recurring subscription order instead.

To sign up, simply visit the product page for the coffee you'd like. You'll even get a discount when you start a new subscription!

When will I be charged for my Club subscription?

You'll be charged for each Club order as your coffee is roasted and shipped.

Example: If you start a Club subscription and select to receive coffee every 4 weeks, you'll be charged every 4 weeks. If you start a Club subscription and choose to receive coffee weekly, you'll be charged weekly.

Changing the frequency of your Club subscription

You can change your frequency of your Club subscription between every 1 to every 4 weeks.

Note: if you have multiple shipments within the same month, it will be the same “coffee of the month" - the coffee of the month changes on the 1st of every month.

Pause, change, or cancel your Club subscription

Yes! It's easy to skip a shipment (for example, if you're going on vacation) or pause your subscription. Cancel anytime with no commitment.

Simply visit My Account to make changes.

Can I give a Club subscription as a gift?

Yes. Please visit Gift Subscriptions to place your order.

What's the difference between a Club subscription and a Recurring subscription?

Club subscribers receive a new coffee each month, selected by the experts at Klatch. USA shipping is always free on your first Club order, as well as on all automatic follow-up orders. Club subscriptions are ideal if you want to try new coffees every month.

Recurring subscriptions (or "subscribe and save") allow you to setup automatic delivery of a specific coffee you choose. You get a discount on your Recurring subscription orders. USA shipping is free on $50 Recurring orders; a shipping charge applies on Recurring orders under $50. Recurring subscriptions are ideal if you want to drink the same coffee over and over.