Cabana Espresso

pineapple - cantaloupe - brown sugar

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Experience the essence of summer with our Cabana Espresso, a delightful blend that evokes the flavors of pineapple upside-down cake, cantaloupe, and brown sugar. Crafted as a medium-light roast by the award-winning producer Rodrigo Sanchez, this competition-style espresso is perfect for the season. Indulge in a cup with a sweet and tropical aroma, bright, sparkly acidity, and caramelized sugar sweetness that flows throughout. The sweet and smooth body of this espresso captures a luxurious and memorable coffee experience.

More than just coffee, Cabana Espresso offers a complete sensory journey, transporting you to a moment of leisure and enjoyment by the pool at a luxurious resort. Each sip is designed to evoke relaxation and indulgence, making every cup a blissful retreat.

Enhance your summer with Cabana Espresso, where every sip connects you to a delightful, unforgettable experience.


  • Roast Level
  • Varietal
    Caturra, Bourbon
  • Process
    Carbonic Maceration
  • Farm
  • Farmer
    Rodrigo Sánchez
  • Region
  • Mouthfeel
    Smooth & Balanced

Finca Monteblanco

Rodrigo Sánchez is one of our award-winning producer partners in Colombia, known to have won the Colombia Roasters United Award. Growing amazing coffee at his Monteblanco farm, the producer took his best beans and elevated them to new flavor heights this year using the Carbonic Maceration Process.

Monteblanco farm is located in the Municipality of Acevedo, San Adolfo Jurisdiction in the village of La Tocora, at an altitude of 1730 m above sea level. In its surroundings we can find the Cueva de los Guácharos national natural park, which is one of the 59 protected areas of the Colombian National Natural Parks system, also highlighting that the Monteblanco farm is located on the Suaza river valley, a quality that provides a connection innate with nature and all that it provides.

Monteblanco is a family farm managed by Rodrigo Sánchez Valencia in the tradition of coffee growing that he started together with his grandfather. The 14 hectares of Monteblanco have made it possible for the various varieties to acquire all the facilities for growth and productivity, thanks to its environmental offer it allows cultivating varieties such as Geisha, Bourbon Rosado, Pacamara, Caturra Purpura, Caturra Rojo among others; this has achieved ideal conditions for both physical and sensory adaptation, developing unique profiles that have achieved worldwide recognition with wide acceptance by the most exclusive palates of the different coffee markets.

Espresso Extraction

Dose: 20 g (double)
Temperature: 201°F [94°C]
Time: 30 seconds
Out: 36 g

Growing Coffee in Colombia

Even though it’s been 4,000 years, the soil resulting from the last major eruption of Tolima is still considered “young soil,” filled with nutrients that are no longer found at the same levels in old soil. Volcanic soil contains high levels of potassium and nitrogen, which are fading or absent in other soils. “Boron”, which arrived from outer space long ago, is also present. Boron plays a key role in a diverse range of plant functions: it is essential to the structure of plant cell walls and in the creation of enzymes, and in flowering and fruit formation, meaning that Boron contributes to coffee seed yield.

In addition to nutrients, the structure of volcanic soil is also beneficial to coffee growing. It can soak up and hold moisture while, at the same time, facilitating good drainage so that the water doesn’t pool, which is not good for coffee plant roots. Coffee plants like to take a drink, then take a break. Additionally, volcanic soils are usually found on an incline, which also helps with drainage. All of these “microclimate” factors come together to bring you the complex, nuanced flavors in your cup of coffee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Preston P.
Preparation methods used:: Espresso
Light, dark, or somewhere in between?:
Tasty Summer

Bring it back! It was fantastic. Better than the Bella

Yuji S.
Preparation methods used:: Espresso
Light, dark, or somewhere in between?:
Cabana excellence

Flavor and taste profiles are just as described. Very tropical nose, slight acidity, smooth finish. Excellent by itself or with milk

Kate F.
Preparation methods used:: Pour Over
Which flavors did you discover?: Lightly fruity and sweet, but with a rich base flavor of brown sugar.
Light, dark, or somewhere in between?:
Crazy for Cabana

I’m writing this review as I sip my morning cup of Cabana coffee. This is one of my favorite summer blends! The subtly light flavors of cantaloupe and pineapple are enriched with the sweetness of brown sugar. This blend is fantastic on its own, or with a splash of oat milk. It’s hard to have just one cup!