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Kalita Wave 185 (100P) Paper FilterKalita Wave 185 (100P) Paper Filter with a pour over in glass server and April Brewer

Use with the April Brewer





Kalita Wave 185 (100P) Paper Filter with April Brewer pour over

This Kalita Wave 185 (100P) Paper Filter is designed to make your coffee-making process easy and enjoyable. The high-quality paper filters have been expertly crafted to purposefully pull impurities out of the coffee, creating a pure, delicious cup. The unique April Brewer design keeps the temperature stable in the brewing process and works rhythmically with the 20-wave filter, limiting contact and evenly distributing water. Be sure to rinse each filter thoroughly before use.

Details & Care

  • For use with a April Brewer (Kalita Wave 185 Dripper).
  • For 2-4 cups.
  • 100-count package.
  • White filters.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Store safely away from dust & water, pre-wet your filters before brewing, and discard grounds & filters in a compost bin.

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