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How to Make a Faux Latte at home

Who doesn’t love a good latte? Now, if only you could make one right at home. We're here to help you out with that! Today we have an easy at home latte recipe, for those who don't have an espresso machine! (hence the 'faux')
If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can’t exactly make a latte, but you can get pretty close. Using stronger coffee (and a lot more of it), you can almost make espresso. You want to add finely ground coffee into your French press but with much less water. That way, all of the coffee extraction is in a small amount of water, thus forming a faux espresso shot.

Now for the milk! Lattes are made using frothed milk. The easiest way to froth your milk is by heating it up and using a hand held frother. However, if you don't have a frother, there are so many ways to froth your milk without one. The first way to froth your milk is by heating your milk in the microwave and repeatedly pressing the filter of your French Press up and down. Another way is heating it up in the microwave and instead, shaking your milk up in a jar.

Pour your faux-espresso and frothed milk together in your favorite mug or over ice and that's it! Your new favorite morning drink!

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