Beginner's Guide to Coffee at Home

Beginner's Guide to Making Coffee at Home

So you’ve finally decided to up your coffee at home game, Everyone’s gotta start somewhere. We all want to make coffee as good as our barista’s. All it takes is a few changes and you’ll have a much better quality cup of coffee every morning.
The number one thing you should be paying attention to is the beans. A bag of whole bean, specialty coffee from your local coffee shop would make the biggest difference as opposed to old or stale coffee from the grocery store. You could also make it easier for yourself and sign up for a coffee subscription like the one we have here, that way you’re always getting fresh beans delivered right to your doorstep.
Now that you have fresh beans, you’ll need to grind them. You should grind your beans right before you brew your coffee because again, freshness matters. Make sure whatever grinder you use produces a consistent grind. When grinding your coffee, check how coarse the coffee should be for your machine. Use good, filtered water. The taste of the water can affect the taste of your coffee.
The last thing you need, of course, is your device.There are a million and one different options for brewing coffee out there. Here are a couple we recommend that are easy to use and are also affordable.
- French Press
French Press is a great place to start because it’s super easy but also makes a good cup of coffee. - Pour over Pour over might be a little more advanced than the French press but still is still an extremely simple method and makes an outstanding cup of coffee.