Brew Guide: Cafflano Kompact

No need to worry about paper filters or clunky and fragile coffee brewers. Cafflano® Kompact was designed to be an immersion coffee brewer for hot or cold.

Icon of a coffee machine

Prep Time

about 5 minutes

Icon of a serving carafe

Brew Time

3 minutes (30 sec steep)

Icon of a coffee mug


1 5oz cup of coffee

Cafflano® Kompact is the perfect brewer for people on the go

Always on the go? Only want to drink a small cup of coffee? Need a small travel-safe brewer for drip coffee? Want a paperless brewer? Cafflano® Kompact is the perfect brewer for you!

Cold coffee? That’s right! You can make cold brew on-the-go! Plus, assembling and clean-up is easy. This brewer requires very little effort and physical strength to extract a good cup of 5 ounce coffee.


  1. Unpack Kompact, expand silicone chamber and tighten all airlock twists.
  2. Weigh out 11 grams of whole bean Klatch coffee.
  3. Grind size should be similar to coarse ground kosher salt.
  4. Add ground coffee to silicone chamber.
  5. Saturate all coffee grounds with 150 ml of water.
  6. Screw filter back onto silicone chamber and twist to tighten the brewer. Let sit for 3 minutes.
  7. After 3 minutes, place opening of cup or carafe on-top of filter and flip device with Pressing Plate “Cafflano” facing up.
  8. With both hands on either side of Pressing Plate, press down to expel beverage.
  9. Enjoy!