V60 Fretta Iced Coffee Maker

Prepare iced coffee using a Japanese pour over method

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Prep Time

5 minutes

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Brew Time


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1 serving of iced coffee

Let's make a quick, clean, and aromatic iced coffee

Iced coffee? Yes, please! The Japanese pour over method takes a traditional pour over technique directly over ice to instantly cool the coffee, resulting in a quick, clean, and aromatic iced coffee.

Just FYI, The word Hario means 'King of Glass' in Japanese. Here is Klatch Coffee's Fretta Iced Coffee Maker brewing guide.


  1. Heat water to boiling, fill diffuser with 250ml of ice and assemble the Fretta
  2. Weigh 36 grams (3-4 cups) and grind coffee (grind should be medium coarse)
  3. Rinse filter to clean out unwanted "paper taste"
  4. Place grinds in filter then soak grounds with 60ml water in a spiral motion. The coffee will bloom indicating its freshness.
  5. Let sit for 45 seconds
  6. Pour slow in a spiral motion from center, keep water level no more than 0.5" above the coffee bed.
  7. Continue until you reach 300ml, aiming for a brew time of 2 minutes 45 seconds - if it runs faster, adjust the grind finer, if it runs slower, make the grind coarser
  8. Pour ice from diffuser into your cup and top with coffee!