Toddy Cold Brew System

Learn how to make cold brew using the Toddy system

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Prep Time

10 minutes

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Brew Time

24 hours

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1 batch of cold brew concentrate

Make high-quality cold brew at home

The Toddy brewer makes it easy to prepare high-quality cold brew coffee at home, with just a little prep and 24 hours of steeping time. A great recipe for use with our Crazy Goat Blend!


  1. Weigh out 12 oz of whole bean coffee.
  2. Grind coffee coarse.
  3. Insert the stopper to the outside of the Toddy brewer container.
  4. Dampen the filter and insert into the inside bottom of the inside of the container.
  5. Add 1 cup of water and 6 oz of coffee grounds.
  6. Slowly pour 3 more cups of water over coffee grounds, in a circular motion.
  7. Then add the remaining 6 oz of coffee grounds.
  8. Wait 5 minutes - Slowly add the remaining 3 cups of water, ensuring all the grounds are satuated. DO NOT STIR (It can result in clogged filter).
  9. Steep for 24 hours to create a smooth and rich flavor.
  10. Remove the stopper and let your coffee concentrate flow into glass decanter.
  11. Cold Brew concentrate stays fresh in your refrigerator for 2 weeks.

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