All About: French Press

Want to change up your coffee routine but wondering where to start? If you’re interested in learning how to make french press coffee, check out our French Press brew guide. If you’re wondering about grind size for french press or other brewing methods, check out our blog. If you’re trying to decide between coffee brewing methods, keep reading. Holly Perry, Klatch’s Retail Director and curator for our blend subscription, enjoys french press the most.


“While french press doesn’t always come to mind for some people when they think of specialty coffee, it is the easiest way to make a great cup. You don’t need filters, you don’t need a kettle, you don’t need to stare over it—you just need a press, boiling water, coffee, and a scale if you want to get fancy.” -Holly, Director of Retail

If you’re looking for consistency, quality, and ease, French Press is an excellent option.



What is the French Press brewing method?

French Press is an immersion brewing method. This means that the grounds sit with the water and steep for the full brew time, which as we talk about in our brew guide, the french press coffee steep time is 4 minutes and 30 seconds, so while it takes a similar amount of time as pour over methods, it’s also distinct in the way it retains oils and flavors. In a way, it’s almost more similar to the way that tea steeps, and results in a strong, bold cup of coffee.



What do you need for a french press coffee? Can I travel with a french press?

Like Holly mentioned, you’ll just need a french press, boiling water, coffee, and a scale. This makes french press a good option for a cabin camping trip or your summer vacation. If you want to take your favorite Klatch coffee with you but don’t want to lug all your coffee equipment, consider a french press. You can choose to grind your coffee ahead of the trip, or bring a small hand grinder with you.


French Press makes multiple cups

Wondering how to make french press coffee for two? Most french press brewers are larger, giving the option of making two cups of coffee (or more), so whether you’re studying, tackling your morning with multiple cups of coffee, or brewing a morning cup with your special someone, you’ll love the ease of a french press.



Wondering what coffee to use for french press?

There’s a reason why our blends are enjoyed by all. Blends are the most complex and flavorful, highlighting the best of multiple coffees. While all of our coffees are enjoyed with every brewing method, here are three recommendations if you’re wondering where to start:

Mocha Java Blend

Heather recommends our Mocha Java Blend for french press. It’s a richly balanced, earthy cup, with a flavor profile of brandy-toned chocolate, nutty almond, and hints of blueberry top notes.

Italian Roast Blend

If you’re looking for a medium-dark roast great for french press, check out our full-bodied, aromatic, rich Italian Roast blend. It’ll transport you from your kitchen to the romantic Italian cafes of Venice.

Seasonal Honey Blend

Our Seasonal Honey Bee Blend is available for a limited time. With tasting notes of honeysuckle, lavender, and nectarine, this medium roast will brighten and sweeten your day, even as the weather heats up.