Storing Coffee Truths and Myths

Storing Coffee Truths and Myths

The key to great coffee is freshness. With oxidation as a fact of life, you need to take preventive measures. Buying whole bean is the first step. You'll want to freshly grind right before you brew your cup of joe. Oxidation begins when newly-roasted beans are exposed to the air, which impacts the taste (unwanted bitterness) and the aroma. Klatch Coffee is a ‘roast to order', roaster. We roast and bag the same day to deliver you freshness and goodness. Coffee needs time to rest before use, so the window of delivery works out great.

Myth: Storing in the freezer, and in or refrigerator, is the best way to keep freshness. (This is everything you should do to store your specialty coffee!)

Truth: Avoid these four points to ensure fresh coffee beans.



1. Moisture: Keeping the beans dry – Not just any coffee container will do the job. You need an airtight vacuum.

2. Air: Air tightness – Don’t assume that the more complicated the coffee container is, the better it will be for your coffee’s freshness.

3. Heat: Protect from heat – Keep away from stove and windows. Store in a cool place.

4. Light: Keep away from light – This means natural light too. Store in a dark place.


You want to store your coffee in a moister-free, cool, dark place such as a cabinet in an airtight Klatch bag. To maintain freshness, coffee beans need their oils. These oils keep the flavor in the coffee. Ideally, store coffee in a cool and dry place, with our Klatch Coffee bag. It has a re-lock able pocket zipper and a one-way degassing valve. This one-way valve is designed to allow pressure to be released from an airtight package while not allowing external atmosphere to enter the package. Bags block out moisture and UV rays.


Coffee is hygroscopic, meaning that coffee will absorb moisture from the air around it, as well as any odors and tastes in the air. Keeping your coffee properly sealed is how you ensure you will have the freshest beans.


Here are some more tips from SCA (Specialty Coffee Association):