Should I Buy My Coffee Beans Whole or Ground?

The question we’ve all wondered at some point. Should I buy my coffee beans whole or ground? And what’s the difference? Well we’re here to tell you. There are pros and cons to both grinding your own beans and buying ground coffee, it just depends on your priorities.

Benefits of buying whole bean coffee

When you buy whole bean coffee, you'll be doing your own grinding. Grinding your own coffee beans brings out a whole new level of flavors as opposed to having it pre-ground. Grinding your beans just before brewing means having the freshest possible coffee every time you make a cup. Klatch espressos, for example, are sold only as whole beans, because grinding them immediately before brewing is critical for the best results.

Another key benefit of whole bean coffee is the ability to experiment with different brewing methods, each of which can require an ideal grind size. Purchasing ground coffee locks you into a specific method, because the grind size needs to match the brewing style you plan to use.

The downside of whole bean coffee is the time and energy needed to grind it.

Benefits of buying ground coffee

If you're time-crunched, and often use the same brewing method over and over, ground coffee might be for you. Just select your preferred grind size before you "add to cart", and we'll roast and grind it to your specifications.

Keeping ground coffee fresh

There are still ways to ensure freshness when you buy ground coffee:

  • Instead of getting stale coffee that’s been sitting on a grocery store shelf, opt for a bag of fresh beans from your local coffee shop
  • shops will grind them for the machine you plan to use
  • store your coffee in dry place
  • buy only the amount you need in the short-term (coffee subscriptions are ideal, because you can have the perfect amount roasted, ground, and delivered automatically)

Whether you’re purchasing Klatch beans whole or ground, we know you’re going to love them!