Bad Habits

Let's Talk About Bad Coffee Habits

We all have our bad habits, some we just live with. When it comes to our coffee, after years of drinking it, roasting it and basically living it, we've learned a thing or two. Here are some of the habits that we all need to work on.


HABIT #1 Drinking Coffee When It's Too Hot

We're so impatient, you too? It smells so good and nobody wants to wait. But, let's remind ourselves that flavor develops as it cools. Patience is a virtue. And will result in a more flavorful cup. Did you know, when we cup we wait for it to cool a little so we can experience the full spectrum of flavors? Learn more about CUPPING.

HABITS #2, #3, #4 Adding Things To Coffee Before We Taste It

Ok I realize these are very similar, however they are all slightly different in the root of the situation. So, let's address them separately. Just for fun.

Adding Cream/Sugar

Strong coffee doesn't necessarily mean good coffee, if the taste isn't satisfying without cream/sugar, it's best to make sure it is brewed correctly. Check for freshness, proportions, brew time, etc. Need some brew help? Our BREW GUIDES are always here for you. But, we know sometimes it's just fun to add some extras, so keep reading for some ideas on how to mix it up a bit...

Adding Flavors

Sometimes it's really just autopilot to put in that extra flavor or flavored creamer, but did you know you can add to the beans before grinding? Or add to the grounds when brewing? This method enhances the natural flavors in the coffee. Have you tried Lemon Zest? It will enhance the citrus notes and brighten the acidity. Add it to the beans when you grind. Nutmeg added to the grinds when brewing will compliment the nutty tones. Try cinnamon, clove, all spice, and more! Sound crazy? Try it out and see for yourself...or maybe you have a personal favorite we didn't list? Let us know what works for you, we'd love to hear from you. Let's get creative.

Adding Sugar Instead Of Salt

It's human nature to reach for the sugar to put in coffee. But, stop for a minute to smell and taste it. Why are we adding the sugar in the first place? Since salt will balance out bitterness and enhance the natural sweetness, sometimes adding to the brew itself, or the grinds when brewing, might just be the solution you're looking for. HERE is a quick look at the effect each roast level has on flavor.

HABIT #5 Buying Pre-Ground Coffee To Save Time

Alright, in the morning, sometimes it's nice to not have to work so hard. We promise it's worth a little extra effort, since fresh ground coffee has the most flavor. Totally fine if you don't have a grinder - we have pre-ground options. BUT we RECOMMEND whole bean, because we want you to have the most flavorful cup you can get. Check out this VLOG. Now that you know...THIS WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

HABIT #6 Using Tap Water To Brew

It's close, it's easy. It won't make much of a difference right? Not so. Since coffee is 98% water, the water you use changes the flavor drastically. While we're on the subject. The temperature of your water matters too. We know. So many details.

HABIT #7 Dumping Leftover Coffee

This is a bad habit simply because it's amazing to freeze it in ice cube trays and use for iced drinks. Add it to your iced coffee to prevent watering it down, or add it to your favorite coffee cocktail. Use it to blend up a smoothie or mudslide? The sky is the limit. You can thank us later.

HABIT #8 Drinking Darker Roast Coffee Thinking It Has More Caffeine

It's strong in flavor, that means it will amp me up more right? Actually, no, the caffeine roasts out, leaving lighter roasts with a bit more caffeine. Here's MORE.

HABIT #9 Drinking Coffee With A Lid

On the road, yeah, this one make sense, but...since half the flavor comes from the aroma, having an open mug helps to fully experience the full rainbow of flavors the cup has to offer.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Guilty as charged. Let's all commit to working on our bad coffee habits and let ourselves fully enjoy some quality coffee.