Klatch Coffee's Japanese Partnership and Growth

Although Klatch Coffee (originally Coffee Klatch) was founded in 1993 by current CFO, Roastmaster, and Green Sourcer Mike Perry, our company is a true testament to the ideal that slow and steady wins the race. We started with just our Rancho Cucamonga cafe in the historic Thomas Winery Plaza, and now, we've built our own little empire within the Inland Empire.

In 1997, Mike and his wife, Cindy, opened up their second cafe location in San Dimas, and Klatch's roasting journey truly began. As an engineer, Mike has always believed he can do anything, and this mindset is what motivated him to purchase his first roaster — the Diedrich IR-24. The IR-24 took its roots in our San Dimas cafe, and Mike began to learn and cultivate the art of roasting coffee from within those four walls, coming up with his "peak of flavor" roasting method, and beginning to forge strong relationships with producers from El Salvador, Panama, and more.

Japan has always been on our radar, especially after our current CEO and U.S. Barista Champion Heather (who also happens to be Mike’s eldest daughter) took second place at the WBC (World Barista Championship) in Tokyo in 2007. This connection paved the way for our partnership with our valued friend, Ariyoshi-san. In 2020, Klatch Coffee saw its first Japanese audiences, and we officially began to distribute our coffee on the island of Japan.

Since then, our Japanese partnership has flourished. In 2024 alone, our partners in Japan have reached several milestones. They've officially brought one hundred new Klatch Coffee customers on board, and will cooperate with the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo to represent Klatch at the U.S. booth at the FABEX & FOOD STYLE Expos this year, and have launched a new mobile showroom to expand Klatch Coffee's reach. This mobile showroom van features a beautiful display of Klatch Coffee and utilizes an Eversys espresso machine to demo our coffee as they travel across the country. For more details, please refer to this homepage:

Meanwhile, back home, Klatch Coffee has continued to grow. More cafes have opened and we celebrated our 30th anniversary in 2023, and achieved even more exciting milestones in 2024. This year, we opened the doors to our second Roastery, a 0.89-acre facility that now allows us to roast with three machines — our IR-24, a Diedrich DR-25, and our newest, the Diedrich DR-70. With plans for more expansion in the latter half of 2024 and through 2025, our journey is still only starting, even thirty-one years in. If you haven't already been part of our journey thus far, welcome to the Klatch Family! We hope you enjoy our coffee and conversations.