Klatch Family's Local Heroes & Their Stories

In May of 2020 we asked YOU to share you stories of local heroes in your community. We started it off by sharing a story of our hero - Helene. She works in our office and when COVID-19 started she took it upon herself to hand make over 100 masks for our employees. "WOW" is right. So we asked you to share your stories and boy were we glad we did. Here's some of them for you to read as well...

"My hero is Erin. She is a kaiser after hours advice nurse. Although she has volunteered to be present at the hospitals, Kaiser has said she is needed the most over the phone to advise all the people anxious over their conditions.
She works overtime even though she has a husband and two children because of the demand. She listens to people all day who think they have coronavirus and advises them to go to the hospital or not. I think her position is usually overlooked, people don't realize the nurses directing you over the phone are superstars and know whether or not to send people in to the hospitals. And after hours means she works during the night, while we are all sleeping!!! PS cold brew keeps her going!"

"I want to nominate my mom as she works in anesthesia generally but since all elective surgeries have been cancelled now for over 6 weeks she has been helping in ICU intubating and taking care of COVID-19 patients. She has stayed in a hotel after some shifts as she has been worried about coming home right after. They are so brave!! ALL THE FRONTLINE HEALTH WORKERS."

"I'd like to nominate my friend Dr. Jonathan. He is the designated physical therapist for the COVID19 floor at PIH. He also temporarily moved out of his home in order to keep his family safe and has been staying at AirBnbs. He loves Klatch Cold Brew..."