Shop coffee from Africa of different varietals, processes, and roast levels. Coffees from this region - which includes Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania - often feature flavor notes that are fruity and floral. Coffees from Ethiopia will typically feature potent berry tones, while Rwanda coffees tend to be more tea-like.

  • Klatch Kenya Gachata AA coffee Kenya Gachatha AA
    Monday Roast

    Kenya Gachatha AA

    watermelon - orange - caramel

    From $2295
  • Lion's Pride Blend

    white grape - pear - bergamot

    From $2095
  • Ethiopia Buku Hambela Natural

    blueberry jam - peach - cantaloupe

    From $2295
  • Out Of Office

    green apple - peach - strawberry lemonade

    From $1995
  • Ethiopia Sidamo Dara

    berry - herbalicious - bergamot

    From $2195