El Salvador Jasal Orange Geisha Anaerobic Natural

cherry - raspberry - strawberry

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Having focused primarily on Panama and Colombia as our staple Geisha regions in the past, we're bringing something new to the table this year. The El Salvador Jasal Anaerobic Natural Orange Geisha is our very first Geisha from the country, and we think there was no better choice for number one. The Anaerobic Process along with the unique Orange Geisha Varietal brings out sweet strawberry, floral raspberry and stone fruit cherry.

Variety overview: in 2017 we got some seeds of orange Geisha by one of our farm consultants from Costa Rica. At the nursery level, they had a natural cross between geisha and orange bourbon. We Planted this seeds at the highest part of the farm, were the micro-climate is more ideal for geisha varieties and started to see the first cherries on 2019. All the first cherries were for replanting more areas. It is until 2021 that the small lot is now productive and offered to the market.


  • Roast Level
  • Varietal
  • Process
    Anaerobic Natural
  • Farm
    Las Ranas & Loma Linda
  • Farmer
    Jasal - San Francisco
  • Region
    El Salvador
  • Mouthfeel
    Clean & Sweet

Finca Jasal

Family owned business with more than 100 years of experience in cultivating, processing and exporting one of the finest coffees in El Salvador. The farm San Francisco is located in the Apaneca Ilamatepec coffee growing region, which is the largest coffee producing region in El Salvador. The town were the farm is located is Juayua. The farm offers a wide variety of micro climate and volcanic soils that make it ideal for coffee growing. 95% of the coffee is grown under shade and the soils are volcanic.

Anaerobic Natural Process

The Orange Geisha is harvested by selectively picking only the fully ripe cherries. It is then hand sorted and delivered to the mill. Since the coffee process is natural Anaerobic, it will be placed on the fermentation tanks where we first clean the cherry by adding clean water in order to remove the floaters. Once floaters are removed, we close the tanks for 140 hours under a control micro climate. After the coffee is processed for 140 hoars, it is then placed on raised tables (African beds) for drying.

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