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Direct Trade

Our Klatch Direct Trade Coffee journey begins with a partnership with like-minded producers - those who share our same commitment to ethics, excellence, environmental stewardship, quality, and community.

Klatch follows a Direct Trade Coffee model that is designed to meet the needs of the families in today’s market. We buy straight from the growers, cutting out the traditional middleman. In doing so we're able to pay well above Fair-Trade minimums - by at least 25% - but often pay double or triple those prices based on the cup quality. Our buying model is designed to push the envelope of quality coffee by encouraging viable, meaningful careers in specialty coffee agriculture.

As situations allow, Klatch team members or representatives will visit the farms bi-annually to see first-hand if the farmer is committed to healthy environmental, social, and economical practices for their farm, the workers, and the community.

We only buy Cup of Excellence quality coffee and above, often 90 points or more. The farmer who grows such award-winning coffee is a true artisan and should be giving their due. Recognition develops dedication to craftsmanship, skill for production and a passion for quality. Through our Klatch Direct Trade model, we have not only simplified the supply chain, improved the quality and sustainability for farmers, but we're building long-term relationships.

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