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 REGION:  Lintong     FARM:  Lintongnihuta (shores of Lake Taoba)     FARMER:   Various
VARIETAL:  Ateng, Jember and Garundang      ALTITUDE: 1000 - 1300 M     PROCESS: Wet Hulled





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A cup that is very clean and balanced while still providing the body one expects from Indonesia. 


Our Suku Batak is yet another completely sun-dried coffee, also grown around Lake Toba in the Lintongnihuta area to the south and Seribu Dolok area to the ease.comes from selected producers surrounding the town of Lintongnihuta in the Provinsi Sumatera Utara (Northern Sumatra Province). Lake Toba, which is the largest volcanic lake in the world. The soil around the southern part of the lake is volcanic which leads to exceptional terrain for growing coffee.It is a double picked preparation with a little wider classification. This consistently clean coffee has a heavy-bodied with mellow acidity and flavors of fresh earth, peat moss and herbal nuances.



Wet hulling, or giling basah, is the traditional method used in Indonesia. And although both the name and the method are very similar to wet processing, the cup characteristics are incredibly different. Further information

At this point the coffee is inspected to ensure that it surpasses our expectations. If the coffees do not pass inspection, we will not purchase the shipment. If the coffees meet our requirements, we will put into greenhouses for drying down to about 40% moisture. At this point, the coffee will be hulled and then put back into the greenhouse for further drying.

After the coffee is dried to 12 to 13% moisture content in the greenhouses, the coffee will be delivered to the warehouse in Medan. It is inspected and graded again upon arrival to ensure no errors were made during processing. The coffee is then warehoused for 2 months. Then it goes through the final grading, hand sorted, bagged and ready for export.


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  • Varietal
    Ateng, Jember
  • Process
  • Farm
    Multiple Smallholder Farms
  • Farmer
    Multiple Smallholder Farms
  • Region
    Sumatra, Indonesia

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
colman w.

Green-Unroasted Sumatra Mutu Batak

An excellent bean to roast with.

This one is great too, but you have to get the timing just right with it. Once you dial it in, it's really pretty awesome.

Refined for Sumatra

I put a medium-dark roast (well before second crack) on this bean, brewed it filtered, and got distinct notes of grapefruit (sweet and tart perfectly balanced). I can see now how the more typical cumin flavor on lighter roasts morphs into this much more pleasant and memorable fruit flavor.

Esteban R.
An excellent bean to roast with.

This one is great too, but you have to get the timing just right with it. Once you dial it in, it's really pretty awesome.

Great beans

Really great for the price