Panama Elida Catuai Honey

orange - peach - strawberry

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Experience our Panama Elida Honey for a limited time! Enjoy a cup of sweet acidity, rounded body, and lovely fruit flavors full of juicy peach, orange, and a strawberry finish, with undertones of red apple and orange honey. This will surely brighten up your morning.

Our Panama Elida Honey is sister to the popular Elida Natural, coming from the same estate in Panama yet going through different processes. Elida Honey is a pulped natural, semi-washed "honey" coffee, whereby the skin is removed and the flesh remains as it dries. There is no fermentation cycle due to the natural processing and the late harvest, and it spends one night on the patio in high altitude before being moved to lower altitude to complete the drying process. While Elida Natural's drying time is 10 days, the Elida Honey takes 4 days to dry.


  • Roast Level
  • Varietal
  • Process
  • Farm
    Lamastus Family Estate - Elida Estate
  • Farmer
    Wilford Lamastus & Wilford Jr. Lamastus
  • Region
  • Mouthfeel
    Clean & Sweet

Lamastus Family Estate

Lamastus Family Estate was established in 1918 and consists of the El Burro Estate, the Luito Geisha Estates, and the Elida Estate. These estates, which are on ultra-high-elevation, go from 1700 m to 2060 m. More than half of the estate is located within the Volcán Barú National Park VBNP, a protected ecological reserve and sanctuary for exotic plants, birds, and mammals. Conservation Practices of planting several species of native trees that feed the birds in the coffee plantation are implemented, and all of these unique growing conditions show in a distinguished cup. The farm has a total of 65ha, of which 40ha are planted with Catuai, Geisha, and a bit of Typica. The rest is a private forest reserve or is inside the VBNP. Our Panama Elida Catuai is a dry-processed, or “natural” coffee, meaning that the coffee beans were dried inside the fruit.

Growing Coffee in Panama

There are several climate conditions that set this coffee apart: the coffee farm is located at a very high elevation, 1,850 masl, which is one of the highest farms in Panama. Grown in rich, volcanic soil, this Catuai varietal enjoys a cool climate and a significant amount of fog and mist during the dry season.

There are several local conditions that set this coffee apart from others. The farm is located at a very high elevation (1,700 to 2,500 meters), making it one of the highest coffee farms in Panama. It is grown in rich, volcanic soil with a cool climate and a significant amount of fog and mist during the dry season. The coffee trees are surrounded by virgin-native cloudy rain forest, and because of the cool temperatures at night, it takes 2 to 3 years longer than the average coffee tree before these trees begin to produce. The low temperatures also contribute to an extended ripening time by 1 month, creating a more developed coffee bean.

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