Ask Heather: "Good things come in small packages" Part 2

Heather Perry, 2X US Barista Champion and Klatch Coffee CEO, answers YOUR questions about espresso. Let's see what the "Queen of Espresso" has to say...

Q: "Can I make espresso out of regular coffee beans?"

A:"Yes, absolutely. Espresso is an extractions method, we find that certain coffees work better for certain type of extraction methods. We have our espresso blends so you can get the full package and the best experience with that extraction method ."

Q:"How do I pick the best beans to make espresso?"

A:"Look at the flavor descriptions on the package, if it something you like try it."

Q:"Should espresso be sour?"

A:"No, espresso should not be sour. You have to find what you like, high acidity like Kenyas and Geishas or full body coffees like Sumatras and darker roast. Then you have to make sure you are extracting it right."

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