Summer Blog Series: Iced Coffee with Hario Fretta

Summer is finally here! That means it is time to up your iced coffee game. Iced coffee is a great addition to your summer nights, weekends, or get-togethers and offers a smoother, less acidic drinking experience then hot coffee!

Plus you get to try all those fun ice cube recipes you’ve found on Pinterest ;)

So, you’re excited to start enjoying iced coffee, now you just need to find out how to make it and get the best beans possible! 

We recommend using the Hario Fretta because it is easy to use and allows you to serve iced coffee faster than using the cold brew method (which can take 12-24hrs!). Follow our brewing guide to master the Fretta.

Now on to the beans (the MOST important part)! Choosing a coffee is a matter of preference but we recommend choosing a coffee that is a lighter roast with floral or citrus notes to create a refreshing, tea like beverage or a darker roast coffee to bring out dark chocolate and berry tones. 

coffee bags

If you are a “leave it to the professionals” type, don’t worry! You can pick up a 32oz growlette or a 64oz growler at any of our Southern California locations! 

Written by: AImee Thomas, Klatch Coffee