El Salvador Las Mercedes Maracaturra Anaerobic Natural

cherry - pineapple - cantaloupe

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Our El Salvador Las Mercedes Maracaturra Anaerobic Natural is both sweet and tart, with bright flavor notes of cherry, pineapple, cantaloupe and undertones of orange, strawberry blossom and blueberry.

We at Klatch Coffee were originally drawn to Las Mercedes because of its great coffee, but what has sustained our long-standing partnership is our shared love for community, the creativity and science of processing methods, and our passion for persistently striving to make our coffee the best it can be.

The flavors of our Maracaturra are brought out using an ASD, or Anaerobic Slow Dry process. The ASD Natural Process consists of fermenting coffee without oxygen, and is well-known as the process used to ferment wine. After the coffee cherries are harvested and cleaned, they go into the fermentation barrels. Next, they are left for 90 hours, or until all of the air bubbles are gone. The coffee cherries are then taken out of the barrel and, depending on the weather, are dried on raised beds for 30-45 days.

The world of coffee is interconnected. Our Klatch founder and CFO, Mike, makes annual visits to our farms and enjoys sharing the history of coffee, a journey that begins long before the coffee makes its way to our roasters.


  • Roast Level
  • Varietal
  • Process
    Anaerobic Natural
  • Farm
    Finca Las Mercedes
  • Farmer
    Lucia Ortiz
  • Region
    El Salvador
  • Mouthfeel
    Clean & Sweet

Origin Story of Maracaturra

Maracaturra is a hybrid of Maragogype and Caturra; believed to have naturally occurred in the late 1800's and is mainly found in El Salvador, and Nicaragua. They have large sized beans and leaves; with strong and diverse taste, mature fruity acidity. Maragogype is a Typica varietal suspected to be the descendent of coffee introduced from Yemen to the island of Java, Indonesia; is recognized by its tall, bronze-colored young leaves, large coffee cherries, and relatively lower yield. The Caturra lineage contributes to the coffee's taste and its high yield.

Finca Las Mercedes

Finca Las Mercedes is a beautiful coffee farm with owners dedicated to care for their community, their workers, and the environment with the same care that they invest into their coffee. The Ortiz family provides healthcare, food, and clothing to those in the community that are in need. Las Mercedes is committed to ecological care, making efforts to: 1) preserve natural wildlife, 2) maintain compliance with our certifications in the way that the mill’s by-products are disposed of, and 3) avoid contamination. In the last few years, the Ortiz family has prioritized preservation by planting native trees. We are proud to offer this limited Direct Trade Coffee. As part of our Direct Trade relationship, 25 cents of every pound is invested back into the Las Mercedes community, funding community sports programs and the Los Ortiz medical clinic.

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