We’re not kidding, we have no secrets - we’ll teach you all we know. Whether you’re a home brewer that’s learning from the “grounds” up, or a professional looking to master new skills to further your career, we’ll get you there.

In our world class training facility, SCA-certified trainers will teach you the same award-winning skills and techniques that our Klatch was built on. We offer classes for all types of coffee enthusiasts because we believe that coffee is never finished, so there’s always something to learn.

Home Enthusiast Training

  • shots of espresso.

    Espresso Class

    Practical skills you'll need behind an espresso machine. You'll learn milk steaming techniques and tricks, grind settings and troubleshooting, as well as timing and dosing.

  • Pouring a heart latte art.

    Latte Art Class

    It's more than a pretty pour! Latte art shows multi-step mastery. This course helps you gain the practical skills you need behind the espresso bar.

  • Brewing pour over coffee.

    Brewing Class

    This hands-on class delves into the variety of brewing methods, brewing variables that affect quality, plus taste perception and coffee evaluation - a must for any coffee enthusiast!

Mike Perry teaching a private coffee roasting class.

Private Coffee
Roaster Training

Mike Perry offers comprehensive training in roasting, covering cupping, sourcing, green buying, inventory control, roasting theory, hands-on techniques, profile roasting, blending, and espresso roasting.

SCA Professional Training

  • Specialty Coffee Association Intro to Coffee class.

    SCA Intro to Coffee

    This course gives a general overview of the specialty coffee supply chain and explores topics such as history and cultivation, variables that affect coffee quality, basics of sensory analysis, fundamentals of roasting, factors of coffee freshness, and principles of brewing.

  • Pulling shots of espresso from an espresso machine.

    SCA Barista Foundations

    The Foundations level is perfect for beginners and requires no prior experience. This class gives your first taste of the barista discipline and is a great way to get insight into the skills required of a barista.

  • SCA Intermediate Barista training.

    SCA Barista Intermediate

    The Intermediate level (2 day course) is suitable if you are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have a firm knowledge of the basic skills. Experience working in the field is recommended for this level.

  • SCA Brewing Foundations

    The Foundations level is perfect for beginners and requires no prior experience. Learn about the variety of methods for brewing coffee with hands-on learning for grinding profiles, measuring coffee strength, and charting a coffee's extraction.